Master Bedroom Makeover – 2

Hello, all!

I have been absent for, well, a whileย now. As it turns out, renovating a master bedroom with a full time job and a tiny baby is quite difficult! Who’d have thought?

I can, however, proudly say that the end is in sight! It is completely different than what I originally started out with. I originally wanted to do ombre walls for more of a french look, just subtle enough to look like plaster in an old chateau. I could not for the life of me get it to look right, and the colors I chose (very light tans and off whites) just muddled together which just made the walls appear as if both of my German Shepherds rolled in the mud and then slid all over the walls (not an altogether impossible notion).

Instead, I added 7 inch baseboards and installed a chair rail. My goal is to eventually add true wainscoting. Maybe. ๐Ÿ˜€ I went off on a tangent for a while and decided I wanted to do something FUN in my house. Notice how that was in all caps? I wanted a bright, funky, in your face design. Something so on trend and fashion forward. So I started painting my doors, fireplace, trim, and the bottom portion of my walls black. I was going to get crazy bright pillows, do alternating semi gloss and eggshell white stripes vertically on the top of the wall, and OMG, emerald curtains. I have two antique French chairs that, bless their hearts, have been sitting in a state of disrepair since I tore into them months ago, when this reno started. I looked at Paule Marrot prints, and Gray Malin photos. Aaaand then I stopped. For a long time.

I realized that although I truly love the new, trendy style, it is not me. I seem to have these brief love affairs with dark colors and bright contrasts, but I always revert back to chic neutrals, and french country decor. And then I got what I call designer’s block.

So after much consideration and research I decided to stay with what I always revert to- chic, clean, and bright. So that’s what I’m doing. I am repainting the walls white again, and stripping the black off of the doors. I want to do the top of the walls in, wait for it- zebra stripes. Like this-


I want to bring in new curtain panels; maybe a nice, off white satin of some sort just to keep things bright. My budget isn’t high enough for me to get new flooring, so it’s staying icky old carpet for now. Instead of the wood, I think I will just kill (5) birds with one stone and replace the carpet in all the rooms upstairs. I still need wall decor and throw pillows but that can wait until I get this project started, and actually like it. ๐Ÿ˜‰ So, as always in my household, stay tuned to see what the real outcome is! (My husband really loves that part!)

PS: Sorry for the lack of photos. Currently at work (at 1:10 am) and don’t have any handy images. Will take pictures later. ๐Ÿ™‚