Got Spots? The New Trend for 2015

Animal prints have been popular for decades. Until lately, though, it’s been hard to think of them without envisioning a safari themed bedroom or a zebra and hot pink teen girl’s room.

…until now. If you read my earlier post, you know that I am in the process of painting my bedroom in zebra stripes to mimic Thibaut’s zebra wallpaper:


Indeed, it is hard to keep up with design trends without seeing an animal print of some kind, and of those the most saught-after emerging looks coming out of the animal print gate seems to be spots! The black and white Dalmatian type pattern has come a long way from the days of Cruella DeVille. Thibaut’s Tanzania wallpaper shows us how this pattern can bring an elegant, modern look to any space.



For the less flashy, or those who like the trend but not enough to commit to an entire room, there are a multitude of accessories available in all prints, patterns, and for all budgets.

One of my favorites is Brunschwig & Fils Les Touches fabric.


If black and white isn’t your thing, the B&F fabric also comes in a variety of colors.


If you are really feelin’ the spots trend, Joss & Main is having a sale called “Most Liked Looks” right now featuring a few affordable items.

Nairobi Storage Ottoman- $204.95

Togo Sham- $42.95

Togo Duvet Cover- $195.95

The trend also extends to flooring, like these rugs.



So what do you think? Is the spots trend here to stay? Let me know, and have a happy New Year!

Master Bedroom Makeover – 2

Hello, all!

I have been absent for, well, a while now. As it turns out, renovating a master bedroom with a full time job and a tiny baby is quite difficult! Who’d have thought?

I can, however, proudly say that the end is in sight! It is completely different than what I originally started out with. I originally wanted to do ombre walls for more of a french look, just subtle enough to look like plaster in an old chateau. I could not for the life of me get it to look right, and the colors I chose (very light tans and off whites) just muddled together which just made the walls appear as if both of my German Shepherds rolled in the mud and then slid all over the walls (not an altogether impossible notion).

Instead, I added 7 inch baseboards and installed a chair rail. My goal is to eventually add true wainscoting. Maybe. 😀 I went off on a tangent for a while and decided I wanted to do something FUN in my house. Notice how that was in all caps? I wanted a bright, funky, in your face design. Something so on trend and fashion forward. So I started painting my doors, fireplace, trim, and the bottom portion of my walls black. I was going to get crazy bright pillows, do alternating semi gloss and eggshell white stripes vertically on the top of the wall, and OMG, emerald curtains. I have two antique French chairs that, bless their hearts, have been sitting in a state of disrepair since I tore into them months ago, when this reno started. I looked at Paule Marrot prints, and Gray Malin photos. Aaaand then I stopped. For a long time.

I realized that although I truly love the new, trendy style, it is not me. I seem to have these brief love affairs with dark colors and bright contrasts, but I always revert back to chic neutrals, and french country decor. And then I got what I call designer’s block.

So after much consideration and research I decided to stay with what I always revert to- chic, clean, and bright. So that’s what I’m doing. I am repainting the walls white again, and stripping the black off of the doors. I want to do the top of the walls in, wait for it- zebra stripes. Like this-


I want to bring in new curtain panels; maybe a nice, off white satin of some sort just to keep things bright. My budget isn’t high enough for me to get new flooring, so it’s staying icky old carpet for now. Instead of the wood, I think I will just kill (5) birds with one stone and replace the carpet in all the rooms upstairs. I still need wall decor and throw pillows but that can wait until I get this project started, and actually like it. 😉 So, as always in my household, stay tuned to see what the real outcome is! (My husband really loves that part!)

PS: Sorry for the lack of photos. Currently at work (at 1:10 am) and don’t have any handy images. Will take pictures later. 🙂

Master Bedroom Makeover

My husband and I bought a BEAUTIFUL home less than 6 months ago.


See? Gorgeous! The previous owners were great; the husband was a builder so he added many incredible features to the home like porcelain tile in all the bathrooms, custom kitchen cabinets, beautiful molding throughout the first floor and master bedroom, and placed engineered wood flooring where I can assume carpet and tile was previously in the family room and kitchen. These improvements definitely kicked the house up a notch, taking it from a standard ’90s builder grade house to a very unique home. This, along with the wooded half acre lot and the fact that all the homes were different as opposed to cookie cutter led us to purchase the house. The whole house, however, was of course decorated to their tastes and was more of a country look. It was all painted dark browns and greens and yellows and oranges and was very beautiful with their leather furniture and stuffed animals (is that the correct term for a taxidermed animal? Is that even a word?) but is a long ways away from my tastes, which are very classic and modern.

I have bounced back and forth trying to decide which room I will begin working on and have had a hard time in doing so. Do I pick the family room, with the puke green paint and the tv with 5,000 wires exposed? Do I pick the dining room with the dark brown paint, that together with my dark furniture, turn the room into a cave? Do I pick the master bath, with its’ greenish brownish greyish textured wall paint, with the cracked tile, original 90s vanity and mirror- laminate countertops included? I eventually decided I would start with my master bedroom, one of the rooms that bothered me the most. 



(This is a listing photo- not my furniture)

As you can see, they had good taste! I love how clean it is, and the browns work well with the orange. Again, though- not my style. It is high time this bedroom gets a makeover! 😀


This is my headboard, and along with my white, ruffled bedding you can see how these, along with the orange paint would not necessarily compliment each other. I have decided to do an ombre effect I have seen making the rounds of Pinterest and the rest of the internet…


See this?! I WANT THIS! I want this in my bedroom, and I want it now. The technique provided to you by MaryAnn at Domestically Speaking ( seems fairly easy and straightforward. 


These are the colors I’m using- very calm and relaxing. I think they will make the ceiling appear higher (since it’s standard height, but has the weird kick-out leading to the tray ceiling) and will also compliment the linen headboard. I’m going for a type of french country/elegant look, without being overly stuffy or overly typical french country. Distressed furniture and Parisian monuments and quotes are all the rage as of late, and I try to stay away from fads while staying on trend as much as possible.

I’m also going to rip up the old carpet and do wood flooring in its place. I went to Home Depot and picked out a nice laminate (I saw two gorgeous real wood options that were sadly way out of my price range) and I plan on installing it when I get the room painted, hopefully on this 4-day weekend I have coming up. I originally was stuck between three designs-  a chevron floor, flooring laid on and angle, or a painted floor…

wood-flooring dsc00137110614006_10204374258337220_1778619245_n


I think* I have decided to go with the angled floor. But every time I look at the options, I get unsure of myself because I think they are all so beautiful, especially the painted option! I’m just going to wait until the room gets painted and then go from there.

Another thing I want to add are built-ins on either side of the bed. I’m not 100% sold on it yet, but like the wood flooring, I will decide when I get some other things installed and see how it looks. I also want to add higher trim work around the bottom to match the rest of the house.

Lastly, I have this fireplace…

securedownload (1)


I don’t particularly care for it, but my husband loves it. It was here when we purchased the house and he wants it to stay. The previous owners had a screen in front of the logs so it looked more like a real fireplace (I actually didn’t even know that it was electric when we first viewed the house) but I’m torn. Maybe a paint job and tiling over the brick will change my mind. We’ll see.

So besides new pillows, artwork, and some trinkets here and there- that’s my master bedroom plan in a nutshell! I’ve never attempted anything besides paint so we will see how this goes. Hopefully I come out in the end life and limb intact. 😉 Time to start painting!

Background and Introduction

Hi all! This is my very first post, and since I’m new to blogging I have no idea how this will go. If I forget anything, or don’t post enough pictures, bear with me and I promise I will figure it out eventually. 😉

First- a little about me. My name is Megan. I am originally from Alabama, right outside of Huntsville. My husband is from Long Island- growing up in the Hamptons, actually. Unfortunately he did not come with any Hamptons money.. just charm, good looks, and the irresistible ability to put up with me. 😉 We are both currently active duty soldiers and met during basic training. Well, more like I met him during basic training…he had no idea I was there. But that’s a story for another time haha. I plan on getting out once my enlistment is complete and pursuing my dream of owning my own interior design company.

I have always been drawn to design- whether it was architecture, furniture, antiques, real estate, or decor- it has always been a passion of mine. Even as a little girl I would ask my parents to drive me around on the weekends and go look at houses. My mom would take me downtown to look at the antebellum and early 20th century homes right off of the town square, or to the homes of the affluent built into the hills. My dad, on the other hand, would just drive around the countryside and I would get so excited seeing old, abandoned homes; big or small. I would look at these homes and imagine what I could do with them- how I would paint the exterior, what kind of flowers I would plant, what the driveway would look like. Then my mind would wonder into the interior of the house as I pictured the staircases and woodwork and flooring. I always pictured the families that used to live there, wondering what happened to leave the houses to deteriorate.

After joining the Army for something I always wanted to pursue, something I had been pushed into all of my life yet still shared an interest in; something I thought I would be good at (and am good at) I decided to finally follow my dreams and my passion and pursue the one thing that makes me happy. I enjoy my military job, but long to do the thing that I can spend hours looking at and imagining and creating and never get tired of. Hopefully I will be successful at it, and even if I’m not, at least I can say that I tried. This blog will be, firstly, of my journey through my own home restoration- and hopefully will eventually document future clients work as well. 🙂 I sincerely hope that anyone reading this enjoys what I do, and if nothing else, we can at least discuss our passions.